Amble, Noun

  1. a walk at a slow, relaxed pace, especially for pleasure.

Great quality food and coffee, staff are always friendly and informative. The atmosphere here is also very comforting.
— Blake Cramer
Excellent breakfast, pastries and coffee. A nice spot to sit down for a coffee and watch people pass by on Flinders Lane.
— Mindaugas Tijusas
Great coffee, nice food but the staff and ambience make this place awesome... Big shout out to Grace and Jade. You make every morning for me a little brighter. Thank you!
— Perry Karavas
So many coffee blends and single origins, if you like coffee don’t miss this place. A great selection of food as well which is something you don’t usually find at a coffee roasters. Friendly staff with a bright well spaced area.
— Vijay Bhatia


325 Flinders Lane
Melbourne, 3000


Mon – Friday, 7 am – 4 pm
Closed Saturday + Sunday


(03) 9939 4578

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